Why Choose Modus?

Our investment in the very latest technology allows us to perform procedures quicker, with less fuss and greater precision. The result is a more comfortable visit for patients and a far more predictable outcome for treatment.

Invisalign provision

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We are a platinum Invisalign practice, allowing us to provide complex orthodontics without the use of unsightly wires and brackets on the teeth. We also use a GDC registered specialist in orthodontics, meaning that we can treat a host of complex and simple orthodontics using a variety of techniques to suit all patients and budgets. Don’t forget, we have 12 months interest free credit available for all treatments over £1000 too. An orthodontic consultation is £75 and be arranged by calling 02476 465420 or emailing [email protected]


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This is the only such scanner in Coventry. iTero is a real bonus for patients undertaking veneers, crowns, bridges or implant restorations.

This digital scanner replaces the need for conventional and gooey impressions, instead using 3D printed models constructed after the use of a stereoscopic intra-oral camera. Pain-free, hassle-free and great for patients who struggle with impressions, it is also more accurate, helping to reduce the risk that work will not fit first time.

Cone beam CT scanner

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The latest technology in the field. This micro CT scanner allows for 3D X-ray imaging of the teeth and jaws. This is useful when planning implant cases to gauge bone levels and accurately assess the best position for implant placement. Excellent resolution and a crystal clear image means it can also be used to plan root canal treatments and gum surgery. This reduces the need for traumatic exploration procedures and increases success rates.


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Used to ensure the highest precision. Microscopes use intense light sources and lenses, allowing the dentist to see your tooth at up to 20x magnification. Microscopes in root canal treatments are the gold standard and every endodontic procedure at MODUS is carried out using one of our two scopes. They are are also used by Matt our specialist periodontist when performing complex and delicate gum surgery.

Our chairs

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MODUS has invested in the latest dental chairs. These provide supreme comfort with massage and heat facilities. This ensures a relaxing and comfortable time in the chair, even when attending for longer appointments. Our chairs also use electric micromotors, which means that you hear far less of the traditional dental noises too.

Specialist in Periodontics

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MODUS has the only specialist periodontist in Coventry allowing us to treat patients with a range of complex gum and implant needs. The combination of Matt’s skills and the technology we have invested in, allows us to provide a range of complex and cutting edge treatment modalities not available at any other practice in the area.

Referral centre

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We are the only referral centre in the area offering specialist periodontal treatments, specialist orthodontics treatment, specialist oral surgery, dental implants, restorative dentistry and referral endodontics. No matter how complex the case, MODUS will have an in-house solution for you.

For more information about any of our services or to make a booking, get in touch » 02476 465420 » [email protected]

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