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I would like to submit this testimonial after my treatment. Please also convey my thanks to Dr. Perkins and Practice for helping me.

Dental implants are not perfect. In rare cases a mishap can occur, for me a loose abutment screw after three years of untroubled use. My gratitude and thanks to Dr. Perkins for dealing with this professionally and in a very timely manner. His after care service is exemplary. Previously I had no hesitation in recommending his work but can now say he will not be missing if an issue arises with your implant.

Thank you Dr. Perkins.


I want to say “Thank You” for all the kindness you have shown me and all the help and support you have given me as well as the excellent dental treatment.

I really dont know what I would have done without you. And I can’t believe I now come in on my own.

Thank you


It usually takes a long time to build up trust with your dentist. With Mo, he had my complete trust after my first visit. It was the best thing my regular dentist could have done for me in referring me to Mo Dabb at Modus.

Mo is a truly outstanding Dentist who really does care about his patients not only during visits but such is his dedication, he called from his holiday to ask how things were.

His knowledge, attention to detail and precision were very welcome after such a long period of discomfort.

If you tell someone that you are having root canal treatment, usually they all recoil in fear; but after several visits of corrective restorative root canal dentistry with Mo, visiting the surgery for more root canal really was a walk in the park. I felt so at ease whilst in his care and actually found myself oddly looking forward to my appointment to get another stage closer to a resolution.

One amazing piece of equipment he uses is called “The Wand”. Modus is one of the few practices with this equipment. It enables only the tooth being worked on to be rendered numb without any after effects. It really is magic! So much so, I had complete root canal with this technology and walked out of the dentist able to drink eat and talk all normally.

I do also have to mention all the nurses and staff at the practice, who are extremely knowledgeable about dentistry, caring and sympathetic.

It is an all round exemplary experience.

Thanks to all at Modus for your continued care.


“To Mo, and all the staff.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the encouragement and support you have all given me while going through my treatment. I am so happy with my end result.”


“Dear Matt and all at MODUS.

Thank you is not enough for the patience, kindness, and expertise you have given me over the last year. I am extremely grateful for all you have done. My new smile is fantastic, what a great team! I hope many people have the opportunity to benefit from yourselves.”


“To everyone at MODUS, thanks for having me for the day, it has been really interesting and of great help to me. Hopefully, all I have learned today will help with my university application and I can go on to become a good dentist. Thanks again.”


“To Matt and his team, I wanted to send you a special note of thanks for doing the impossible!”


“To Matthew, Mo and all of the staff at MODUS. I would like to say a very heart felt thank you for treating me. Your understanding and consideration was greatly appreciated. You are a wonderful team!”


“I cannot speak highly enough of Matthew Perkins or his competent, caring team. Throughout my initial assessment, in March 2012, and consequent treatment and aftercare, I have been given support, guidance and re-assurance by Matthew and his team. A relaxed, yet professional atmosphere has been evident whenever I have attended the clinic. A friendly welcome has also been extended to my partner, who has accompanied me on each visit.

The practice is comfortable and well equipped, and nothing is too much trouble for Matthew and his efficient team. I felt at ease, and the highest professional standards were evident at all times. Matthew and his team appear to share the same vision; patient care being central to the practice at all times.

After ensuring I was at ease, Matthew explained in detail the nature of my periodontal problem, using appropriate illustrations, equipment and technologies. The information he gave was accessible, easily understood, yet not patronizing. Throughout my treatment Matthew demonstrated high performance expectations, which he consistently achieved. After a course of non-surgical periodontal treatment I have experienced a great improvement and stability in my periodontal health, for which I cannot thank Matthew enough.

Matthew has worked closely with my dentist, offering expertise and advice to further develop existing strategies, and to establish manageable, longer-term care of my teeth. His innovative and effective methods of care, have also helped me to improve my personal effectiveness in looking after my teeth on a day to day basis.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Modus Advanced Dental Clinic to colleagues, family and friends. The practice, with its shared vision, and sense of purpose towards patient care and quality of service cannot be faulted, nor can it be praised highly enough.”


“I first had periodontal work with Matthew Perkins in 2008 with excellent results, so it was with no hesitation that I sought his advice when my dentist identified a problem earlier this year. There was a number of options available to me but I was in no doubt that my greatest chance of success would come from visiting Matt and his team at Modus.

The whole team at Modus has made my experience exemplary. From my referral to present; and what must be numerous phone calls and appointments later, I have been treated in the most professional and welcoming manner. The friendly and proficient front of house have always put me at ease in what could be a most tense situation. I have never had to wait beyond my appointment time; something that is much appreciated in a busy working life.

Throughout all of my consolations and treatments Matt has always spent time firstly throughly diagnosing the work to be done and secondly patiently explaining the whole process and what would be involved. He is an excellent communicator. I have always felt complete trust and understanding as well as full confidence in what has been advised to me. Matt is meticulous and thorough practitioner who manages to combine the intellectual side of his profession with aesthetic appreciation.

The actual work undertaken has exceeded my expectations; and more importantly has avoided more serious repercussions in the future. The surgery itself was performed with sensitivity and attention to detail. Where I expected pain both during the procedure and after in recovery, there was none. The most microscopic cuts and stitches to a part of my gum by my front tooth have not only allowed me to recover quickly and well, but to be able to smile with confidence as the work done was practically invisible to the naked eye.

As my treatment continues, I have the utmost confidence in Matt and his team for the best result possible and would recommend them unreservedly.”


“I was initially referred to Modus Dental Clinic with a ‘receding gum line’ that was very apparent on my top front 4 teeth. I never dreamed, that within 6 months, I would walk out of Modus with front teeth and gums, together with a real smile showing teeth.

I have suffered for many years with the ‘receding gum line’ condition that was especially noticeable on my 4 front teeth. Over the years, I had stopped smiling, so not to show my teeth and gum line and just grinned instead.

Following Implant surgery with Mo and Periodontal surgery on my gums with Matt, I now have the teeth and gums that I never thought was possible.

The service provided by Matt, Mo and all the team at Modus was professional, caring and personal from start to finish. The care provided in the treatment room and the aftercare was excellent.

I cannot praise all the team at Modus enough.

A big thank you goes to Matt and Mo for giving me back my smile.”


“I am a 52 year old woman and I have had a lot of problems with my teeth since I was a 6 year old child as a result of penicillin…and over time things have gone from bad to worse, with different visits to different dentists over many years….and when my last dentist sent me to Modus dental Clinic I was very nervous as I knew this could be my last resort…..but a big thanks to Mathew as he has been brilliant and knew my problem and treated me straight away and a year on after doing a fantastic job I’ve nearly got my smile back “which has been a long time coming” in the end (not that it’s the end just yet…nearly) Mathew and his team couldn’t of done enough for me, every time I go they make me feel so welcome as if part of a big family not just a person going to the dentist…and so far I feel so much better in myself as well as a nice smile.

So I would like to say a very big thank you to Mathew and his team of girls…who have been there for me every step of the way during my dental treatment.

Very kind regards

Debbie Popple”


“I wish to thank the Modus Advanced Dental Clinic for the excellent treatment recently received. From the friendly and welcoming reception staff to the dental practitioner all areas were covered in a highly professional manor.

Although extremely nervous, I was soon put at ease and had everything explained to me before hand. Throughout four sessions of root canal treatment and other constructive work my fears were quickly expelled and the discomfort was minimal.

I can now smile [as promised] comfortably and with confidence. I highly recommend the practice and am very pleased it was recommended to me.

Kind Regards

Mark Quinn”


“I’d just like to say a big thank you to Matt and Mo and everyone at Modus for my lovely new teeth. I get a huge kick every time I look at them!

I was originally referred to Modus through my dentist and I must admit it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’d all but given up on my teeth after years of problems with my gums, but after the expertise of Matt, who worked miracles on the overall health of my mouth and managed to insert an implant where I’m sure a lesser man would have failed. I was then able to work with with Mo to give me the smile I’d always dreamed of. Mo worked closely with me to ensure I understood what was going on and gave amazing advice to ensure that I ended up not only with a smile that I was happy with but one that also suited me.

I’ve had friends and family who were dubious of me wanting to change the look of my teeth but every single one of them has been amazed at the transformation. They all comment on how natural they look and a few friends, when asked if they could have the perfect teeth what would they look like they have pointed at mine.

Although my original teeth weren’t terrible I was always conscious of them. I hated smiling in general and especially in photographs. All this has now changed and I love showing them off at every opportunity.

Thank you again to all the team at Modus for all your hard work.

Simon Morris”


“I would like to say a big thank you to Matt and all the staff at Modus for the fantastic treatment and care and attention I have received – award winning stuff!Until I came to Modus, I thought I would never again enjoy the simple pleasures of eating and smiling with confidence.  I can now eat easily any food I like and can even bite apples!  I have a firm bite and can’t believe these are not my own teeth.

I have had dental problems for many years due to the loss of teeth in my upper jaw.  The situation finally became unacceptable when I had my last extraction and was left with only two upper back teeth.  This resulted in an inability to hold my denture in securely and caused difficulty eating and continuous gum ulcers through the constant moving of the denture.

Matt recommended that I have four implants to firmly attach a new denture and was told that I would be able to ‘tear a steak apart’ and eat any kind of food! After the treatment, I now have a smile to be proud of and I enjoy going out for meals again and never worry that I won’t be able to tackle the food.

Thanks again to everyone.

David Roland”


“Just wanted to write to you to say a very big thank you to you for “giving me back my smile!”, as you are aware I have hated my front teeth for years and now with my new implants and crowns I feel a million dollars… I can’t stop smiling!! Matt your knowledge and expertise in this area is second to none and I know I couldn’t have been in better hands, thank you for all your hard work. Also thanks to your team who are all very caring and made my visits to the practice as relaxing as possible.”

Fionnas Story

“It may sound soppy to say, but I thank God (and my ex-hygienist) for the day I met Matt and his team at MODUS. Not only have I got the secure teeth which I dreamed of, but thanks to his advice on diabetes he’s added a few years to my healthier, happier life!”

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    “The day that I went to visit my hygienist was one of the best things that could have happened to me. She had practically given up on me, as my teeth and gums were so abhorrent to her, she felt she couldn’t do anything else to help me. She informed me that there was a new periodontist who was visiting the practice, who might be able to help me out.

    I booked an appointment as soon as possible, as I was in agony. I was getting several abscesses a week, as well as sore wandering teeth, that moved around my mouth every time that I ate.

    My first consultation with Matt was a breath of fresh air. He was completely honest and concerned that my gums were so decayed at my age. He asked me to have a blood test to see if I had diabetes or any other problems (I found that I was borderline. The doctor actually asked me to thank Matt for his observations. I have since been able to bring my sugar levels back to down to a satisfactory level). Matt measured the gaps between my teeth and gums. He took X-rays, and then sent me off with some mini brushes and a new regime that I promised to adhere to. I was told that his secretary would call to give me an appointment to discuss a course of action. I left his surgery feeling relieved that at last I would be helped.

    When we next met, I took with me a photograph of myself on my wedding day. I had a perfect set of beautifully straight teeth, but over time my smile changed completely. It was now lopsided, and I spent most of the time covering my mouth when talking or smiling at anyone. I hardy recognised myself in photographs and hated my reflection in the mirror. I asked Matt if he could help me not only with my gums, but also about how to get my teeth straighter again if possible. I was given three options, along with some prices. The first thing I had to do was go and spend some time cleaning my teeth and gums more thoroughly. I was advised that I should have surgery to have my gums cut back, remove any decayed bone, cleaned and then sewn back together. This was to be done in four stages so that I could have time for healing and still be able to eat the other side.

    Matt started working on my gums and bone work, it wasn’t a pleasant experience but fairly painless. I was surprised at how quickly my gums healed with no after effects or pain. Matt always put me at ease and made me feel in control of what was happening to me. I had the stitches removed a week later after each session. We left big gaps of time between each session to let my body and immune system cope with the surgery.

    After all of this work had been done, I met with Matt again to discuss the results of the surgeries and what choices I had. My gums were now much tighter around each tooth and I wasn’t getting as many abscesses. I had a reasonable amount of healthy bone, and gums which had been cut back had a healthier looking hue. I asked again if my teeth could be straightened and Matt suggested implants. Braces would not work as my teeth would just wander back and braces would be cumbersome at my age. He advised me with the prices and left me to think about it.

    I talked to my family, and my mother and brother both offered to help me out with the fee which was a great relief. I called Matt and we made arrangement to start with the procedures.

    I had already had four of my back teeth removed by my dentist as they were badly decayed and useless. Matt suggested that I have ten teeth removed from the top and five from the bottom front. He took some casts of my teeth, so to make some dentures for me and to have a record of before and after. I asked about pain relief and Matt referred me to their anaesthetist. A week before the removal I had a phone call so that I could ask any questions, and I was advised by the anaesthetist on what to expect. My husband came with me to drive me home on the day, unbelievably Matt removed fifteen of my teeth in just over an hour. He was so gentle and with the help of the anaesthetist I felt absolutely no pain. I took painkillers afterwards to help for when the medication wore off. I was so relieved to see a new different smile, and my friends and family were happily shocked with my new look.

    Over the next few months, I had the titanium undercarriage screwed into my gums and jawbone. They were like rawl plugs with removable screws to attach the teeth onto (eventually). Again, I opted for some anaesthetic so I didn’t feel much pain. I waited for a few months for the bone and gum to adhere to the implant bases. Matt took more casts and tested how everything was going… so far so good…

    I then went to Oxford to meet with Byrnes Dental Lab, who were to make my dental fixtures. They were fabulous too and I was relieved to see what my new teeth looked like. They measured and took skin colouration, so as to get a close match. I then waited a few months for them to be made.

    Matt fitted my bottom teeth in firstly, I think I must have been sat in my car for about an hour smiling and inspecting them… weeping too! After a few weeks I had the top set attached… Wow!!! Words can’t describe how I felt. The dentures had been good but my new teeth are absolutely stunning.

    I am still shocked at how quickly I got used to my new teeth. My jaw realigned and my smile returned to how I used to look. My friends and family tell me that I am ‘glowing’. My confidence is definitely improved!

    It may sound soppy to say, but I thank God (and my ex-hygienist) for the day I met Matt and his team at MODUS. Not only have I got the secure teeth which I dreamed of, but thanks to his advice on diabetes he’s added a few years to my healthier, happier life!”



“I love my super new teeth, it’s been a long haul but really worth it! All the very best for the future to you, the team and a very big thank you to Steven.”


“I recently had a cantilevered bridge fitted at your practice and can confirm that you guys are worthy of every award you win!

From the moment I entered I was made to feel welcome and at ease. Your customer care, quality of work, and facilities are all beyond compare (you have the very best technical gadgetry there, I’m part-engineer, part-nerd and appreciate great technology when I see it).

What really makes you stand out though is the quality of your work. I struggle to tell the new teeth from the rest and I know which ones you fitted (I was there!). The colour matching and shaping is perfect, the bite is seamless and the whole experience was pain free and relaxed which, considering the state of my tooth to begin with, was very impressive work.

To anyone reading this and wondering whether or not to come to Modus, I say “Get it touch now. I promise that you won’t regret it. They are extremely talented and, if that wasn’t enough, they’re really nice people.”

My sincerest thanks to you both! I will be coming back to get the rest sorted!”


“Thank you is not enough for the patience, kindness and expertise you have given me over the last year. I am extremely grateful for all you have done. My new smile is fantastic – what a great team. I hope many people have the opportunity to benefit from what MODUS offers.”

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