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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics involves moving the teeth. This speciality uses braces or clear aligners to move the teeth into new, more aesthetically pleasing positions. When treating children, Virginia uses various appliances to correct the alignment and bite of children’s teeth. It is increasingly common for adults to seek orthodontic treatment today. Some patients will not have been offered treatment as a child whereas others may have had previous unsuccessful treatment, their teeth having moved back to their original positions. Today discreet and effective treatment options exist to reposition teeth predictably for individuals not wanting metal braces on the outsides of their teeth.

Remarkably, these days, there is a wide choice. Metal brackets are still commonly used but there are also tooth coloured brackets on the outside or even brackets with wires on the inside of the teeth. They are very effective and predictable. Virginia, herself, uses Incognito, which is a highly precise custom-made appliance, fitted to the back of the teeth. This works in a similar way to the front facing appliances but is really discreet.

Invisalign Platinum Provider

This system allows us to provide complex orthodontics without the use of unsightly wires and brackets on the teeth. We also use a GDC registered specialist in orthodontics. That means we can treat a host of simple and complex orthodontics using a variety of techniques to suit patients and budgets.

Please note, you can spread the cost of treatment valued over £1000 with 12 months interest free credit.

Your First Visit

You can rest assured that your comfort and peace of mind is of utmost importance to us. You will have the chance to discuss any dental problems you may have and be encouraged to ask as many questions as you wish. This will be followed by a comprehensive examination. Virginia will then discuss your case with you, outlining your treatment options and suggesting which types of brace will be suitable for your treatment along with all associated costs. You will also receive a written report. Please allow up to 1 hour for your consultation.

At your subsequent appointment you will have X-rays, moulds and photographs of your teeth taken to fully assess you in order to confirm your treatment plan before starting your brace treatment.

Further Reading

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