Guided implant surgery: Making sure dental implants are safe, predictable, and efficient

As a practice that places hundreds of implants a year we like to reduce the implant complications as much as possible. Using guided implant surgery we can plan an implant virtually, and then accurately place an implant in the most safe, predictable, and efficient manner. With guided surgery, not only can we place the implant for the most aesthetic result, but we can also superimpose abutments to predict how much room will be needed for the crown or any other restoration.

To do guided implant surgery we need two things: a cone beam scan, and an itero scan. We put the two scans together so can see the patient’s bone density and thickness, where the patients’ nerves and sinuses are, where their gums are and where their surrounding teeth are. Matt can then choose the best implant width, length and position for the patient and get their surgical guide made.

We love placing implants with guided surgery at MODUS Advanced Dental Clinic because it we believe offering a more safe, predictable, and efficient treatment is better for our patients.

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